WAYLAND plants their midwestern roots in today's rock and roll landscape

This is what rock ‘n roll should sound like! -Ignite Music Mag  

Wayland big riffs, great songs and awesome guys.- Revelator Show  

All told WAYLAND has struck gold with their debut. If FM and/or SiriusXM radio doesn’t jump all over these guys, then whoever is in charge of programming is fucked in the squash upstairs. -Amps & Green Screens  

WAYLAND manages to avoid the cliches while delivering solid rock anthems that are tailor-made for arenas and summer festivals.- Amps & Green Screens  

In a time of meaningless lyrical content, I think that Wayland offers something different, something that people will feel. - AntiHero Magazine  

Being both radio friendly and completely uncompromising is no easy task, yet Wayland have mastered it.- Brave Words 

Vocalist Mitch Arnold – who’s in the same league as Myles Kennedy, guitarist Phillip Vilenski, bassist Dean Pizzazz, and aforementioned drummer Nigel Dupree combine their wondrous talents to create the next chapter in great rock ‘n’ roll. - Brave Words  

There are moments of almost orgasmic brilliance on this album, and then there are no fillers. - Independent Music News 24  

Vibrant and varied, “Rinse & Repeat” …will be adored by all those who remember a time when ROCK was much more than a just a genre, or simply a four letter word to attach three chords to!- Independent Music News 24 

The bass is so slick that it’s like an oil spill- Madness To Creation  

Wayland is leading the charge in the revival of rock music.- Madness To Creation  

In the end, this is one of the most amazing debut records in a long, long time. Not one song sounds anything like another one. Each has it’s own identity and shows the band going down numerous different musical avenues. Wayland can play literally any type of rock music and Rinse & Repeat is prime example of this.- The Front Row Report 

Big things are coming from this nonstop touring “band of gypsies”, and you’ll definitely want to check them out when the band stops in your town in the future.- Anti Hero Magazine

WAYLAND is returning back to their roots, literally, with their new take on rootsy rock n’ roll...

 as they are defining their sound, their image, and their future as a band with more divine clarity than ever.  

It's easy to hear the southern influence and riff driven story telling reminiscent of The Black Crowes, four part harmonies that makes one miss the Eagles, the groovy jamming of Tom Petty and the blues influenced, screaming guitars of Led Zeppelin, even when they are casually jamming in the back lounge of their tour bus.    

Over 300 days a year on a bus and a touring schedule rivaled by no one, they have been lazily labeled the “hardest working band in rock and roll,” but this band is anything but deserving of cliche branding. 

The romantic commitment they have made to sincere, song based writing has been standard with this band for the past five years. 

Their lyrics remain romantic with midwestern charm and hold hands with the psychedelic guitar rumbles that drive these songs, written by Mitch Arnold, lead singer & Phillip Vilenski lead guitar. Accented with fiery drum beats by Nigel Dupree and blended with melodic bass grooves compliments of Dean Pizzazz, you can’t stop listening to any record, past or current.  

Tastemakers have been unable to typecast this band or any of their hit singles, and once again, WAYLAND has proven they have no need to look for a home, as they are always welcome everywhere they ramble. 

They have never needed to belong to the narrow bracket that is radio rock, as they embrace the heart and soul of who they really are. Sonically, WAYLAND is a woodsy and vintage-rural take on rock... An all-American, countrypolitan-classic rock-love affair, telling timeless tales of life, love, and their nomadic, stage to stage lifestyle. 

Recently highlighted track, “Follow,” is the compass revealing the direction in which they’re musically traveling. It’s a song that is custom made and designed for massive arena size sing alongs, which is the only sized venue suitable for their sound, their souls, or their new music.  

Coming Soon. 

August 9: Iron Horse Saloon | Sturgis, South Dakota w/ Hairball  

August 10: Best Of The West Ribfest | Watford, North Dakota w/ Craig Morgan

August 11: Rockin' The River  | Three Forks, Montana

August 14: Illinois State Fair | Springfield, IL   

August 15: Meigs County Fair | Pomeroy, Ohio  

August 16: Houston County Fair | Caledonia, MN

August 17: Manchester Music Hall | Lexington, KY  

August 18: The Shed | Maryville, Tennesse w/ Jackyl  

August 23: Nikki's Sturgis | Sturgis, MI 

August 24: Czar's 505 Saint Joseph, MI

August 26: Worth Harley Davidson | Kansas, City Missouri

August 28: Amnesia Too | Saint Joseph, MO 

August 29: Guitars Rock N' Country Bar | Joplin, MO 

August 30: Outland Ballroom | Springfield, MO 

For booking inquiries contact Phillip Vilenski at Phillip.vilenski@gmail.com

For management contact Alyssa Hoffman at waylandthebandmarketing@gmail.com