GET A LITTLE, single released by WAYLAND, took on a life of its own with no radio or marketing campaign. The music video went viral on YouTube on its own reaching over 661,328 views and holds current Spotify streams  up to 1,006,275  and counting. 

GET A LITTLE is a fan favorite that results in hundreds- thousands of peoples at shows and festivals alike singing along to every word. 

A "rock song" that sounds "country" and a "country" song that rocks are how the song has been described by fans all across the country. Most people hear Kid Rock, Weezer (Beverly Hills) or Joan Jett (Rock & Roll) as they listen along.

 As Wayland 

a Southern-rock group that can toggle easily between shit-kicking country, funky soul and blistering heavy rock. delivering classic-country storytelling in

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I don't listen rock but I must say this is real music 

Oh hell yeah. Best band in America.  WAYLAND ROCKS!!!!!!! 

I absolutely love you guys!!! Can't wait to make it out to a show again! You have seriously changed my life <3 

I'm a 57 year old hard rocking redneck from CO. and DAMN.....I'm highly impressed! 

You know a song is amazing when you are officially in love with it within 10 seconds! 

What a great song!!! I heard it last night and woke up with it still in my head! This song is too catchy to not share. 

Rock song that sounds country I love it 

Love it! Nice mix of a country feel and a rock sound!

I play this song every Friday before I leave work!! Great song and great band 

I heard "Get A Little" on the radio, and thought it was a new Kid Rock song.  

The perfect song that explains it all! And I own it! 

I play it everyday on my way to work!! It pumps me up